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Most people who start building their first website believe that as soon as their website goes live, there would be a flood of individuals visiting it and bringing new business to them. Actually, this doesn’t happen like that at all. A brand new website is sort of a shop in an exceedingly big desert. No website is by default visible to anyone. All our Search Optimization Efforts have just one purpose which is to extend the web site visibility. It’s therefore at the core of SEO. However, first, we should always understand what website visibility is. Even before we mention how to make a website visible to search engines, we should always note how people interact with search engines. They type certain keywords within the search box and therefore the engine presents the results page called Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The domains shown higher on SERP are more visible than those below. It shows a relationship between website visibility and keywords.

What is web visibility?

Website visibility is calculated in percentage AND with regard to certain keywords. There’s no such thing as perfect visibility. Whenever we are saying visibility, it means visibility for a “set of keywords”. So, for instance if we are targeting 100 keywords, our domain visibility would be supported by those 100 keywords. If our website features a visibility score of 10%, it might mean there’s a tenth of a chance that somebody would click on our website if the person types on of those target keywords. The SEO tools which tell a visibility score like SEMrush or SEO Profiler, ask you to enter the keywords that you would like to understand your visibility. The choice of the keywords is therefore crucial for the web site visibility score you’d get. If you poorly chose the keywords which are less competitive and of less value to your business, you would possibly get a better visibility score. However, this higher visibility score wouldn’t be so fruitful for the business. Now, assume that you simply have selected the profitable keywords after a correct research and your visibility score is not doing well, then this is often the time to debate how can we improve the visibility. Here are the five actionable strategies:

1. Remove Errors and Mistake from Your Website
This activity is commonly called “technical SEO”. Search engines hate websites with errors like broken links. The primary thing you ought to do is to get rid of all errors. You’ll find errors by using tools like screaming frog or deep crawl. Not only errors but also slow websites cannot obtain good Google rankings. GTmetrix may be a free tool which not only tells the speed of your site but also suggests how you’ll improve it. Use this tool and act accordingly. Also, not following Google guidelines would be an enormous mistake. Some people argue that Google isn’t a law. That’s correct but because you’re counting on Google to push the traffic, you want to follow their SEO guidelines otherwise you are going to be penalized.

2. Publish High-Value Content
If you would like to make the search engines happy, then make your website readers satisfied with some valuable and well-researched content. Since you want higher Google rankings, you’re competing against many others in your niche, and you’ve got to beat them with the depth and value of your content. Don’t just re-phrase the contents from other websites. Create your content and publish regularly.

Listen to your target customers. Who are they? What are their problems and issues? Many website owners don’t really know what their client desires. They consider just a few random people curious about their products. You ought to clearly and precisely define your target clients and build a “customer persona” for your business. Only then you’ll target them in your campaigns.

Visit Yahoo Answers, Quora and other similar websites and check out what questions people are asking in your niche. These are their pain points and you’ve got to help with the answers to those issues in your content.

Now it’s time to try some keyword research. First you ought to write down your objectives and business goals. Then find some profitable keywords using not only Google Keyword Planner but also other tools. After you discover the keywords, you ought to arrange them in groups and make a map of keywords to your website. Now it’s time to write down some content.

3. Link Building
Try to understand what link building is and the way it differs from spamming. A backlink may be a link pointing to your website from another site. You do  not need thousands of backlinks as many of us attempt to promote. You simply need few but high-quality backlinks. The foremost important thing about backlinks is relevancy. These links should be coming from relevant websites. Now the purpose to notice here is that the relevant websites are most of the time your competitors. However, if you are trying , you’d find few highly relevant websites which aren’t your competitors. Don’t just specialize in websites with very high domain authority. Don’t get frustrated, link-building may be a slow process and increasing the visibility of your website may be a future commitment. Therefore, just proceed forward, slow and steady, bit-by-bit. Also, attempt to earn links together with your content as mentioned above.

4. Social Media Engagement

Everyone knows that social media is vital to help your web visibility. However, there are some very critical points you ought to note of and that. For endless visibility and traffic to your website, you need continuing engagement with your audience and not just occasional interaction. For this you would like first to work out what sorts of content are needed for that. Also, there are certain engagement metrics in Google analytics which you want to understand and monitor. Videos also are good for engagement. If you’re shy of the camera, not a problem! Just screen capture videos are enough for engagement. If you discover social media overwhelming, then use the tools like coschedule or hootsuite.

5. Promote Your Business Website Locally and out of the doors of online media.

There are still an enormous number of individuals preferring paper format. There are many local magazines out there which have an outsized circulation and advertising there might be on a budget or maybe free. This will in turn drive traffic to your site and increase visibility.

Everything mentioned here with web visibility is a lot to do and takes a very coordinated effort. However, we can help you through this whole process. Contact Digital Dive Marketing today to get started!


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