What Clients Say About Us

Will Sprague Outsourced CFO & Accounting

Digital Dive Marketing is awesome! Extremely professional and able to quickly drive leads to our business. The team was easily able to adapt to the specific needs and value proposition we offer to give us a customized solution. Digital Dive Marketing rocks!

Jonathan Leonard CEO/Founder Leonard Financial Services

Digital Dive Marketing is the best! Working with them has been a game-changer for me. My line of business is all about getting in front of clients and having meetings with them. With the services Digital Dive provides, I have been having more meetings than ever before just this month alone!

John Melley CEO PayFina

We enlisted the Digital Dive Marketing team to help us find prospective investors for our Fintech startup. . . We were very happy with the process and the number of quality connections that our engagement produced. We definitely plan to use the Digital Dive Digital Marketing team again soon on another initiative. They are very capable and I would highly recommend them!!!

David Bush, MBA Partner OWLFI Inc.

Over the past 5 months I have benefited from working with Digital Dive Marketing both personally and professionally. Their attention to detail, focus on her clients and ability to teach proven methods and strategies are world class. I’m excited to continue to learn from DDM and benefit from their expertise. If you are considering a change in your approach to marketing, you will be rewarded for having a short conversation with them.

Erin D. Owner Commercial Loan Consulting Firm

Not enough time to write all of the great things I love about Digital Dive Marketing! They are very knowledgeable, has made some excellent recommendations, extremely responsive and such a joy to work with. My favorite time of the week are the weekly strategy calls.

Elizabeth Canon Owner/CEO Zena Financial Services

Digital Dive Marketing is such a pleasure to work with. I have been a client of Digital Dive for less than a month, and I have seen amazing results in such a short period of time. I’m so busy with new opportunities from their lead generation program that I don’t have enough time to work them all myself.

Neil Schwabe National Advisor US Health Advisors

I highly recommend Digital Dive Marketing! In just a quick few months they’ve dramatically increased my activity on Social Media and impacted my bottom line significantly!! They are excellent at their career!!!

Sebastian Ricaurte Founder/CEO Employee Benefits Consulting

In a short few months, Digital Dive Marketing helped me become more focused, organized, and intentional in my business and personal life. Digital Dive takes a wholistic approach to the business / life equation — everything is connected! Thank you, Digital Dive!

Osvaldo R. Morales Financial Advisor Wealth USA

Digital Dive has helped me more than anyone I have worked with in my 54-year financial services career. Their business insights are meaningful, their sales process is impeccable and the numbers speak for themselves as I’m already booking quality, new client appointments consistently.

Christopher Du Jardin President Eagle Eye Advising

Starting a consultancy is a daunting endeavor, especially after leaving the certainty of a federal position. Digital Dive Marketing was invaluable as I made that leap. Drawing from their own experience, Digital Dive equipped me with the tools that I needed to get my company in front of potential clients.

Mike Hovell Enrolled Agent Brooklyn Tax

Digital Dive Marketing has upped my game considerably. My business, as well as my quality of life, are now doing better than ever, and they have been a major, if not the major, part of that. Through working with them, I feel better about myself and my future.

Alyson Whelan Financial Representative

The system is incredible! I'm having an easier time getting high quality clients that I can do valued business with. It also streamlines my pipeline and saves me countless hours! I love how when I'm at a BBQ over a long weekend I'm getting notifications of people booking calls with me for introductory meetings. It's pretty incredible honestly.