SEO Helping Businesses

Today, internet searching is how most customers find products, services, or information they need which is why SEO helping businesses is so important! It has only grown since the COVID-19 pandemic started. An important behind-the-scenes truth with these searches is that Google and other search engines use algorithms to analyze and rank millions of websites available on the internet. How your website aligns with these complex algorithms acts as signals for search engines, which they then evaluate to assess where your website should be ranked in comparison to other sites. The method to harness the algorithm’s marketing power is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Why is SEO Important?

The internet is by far the biggest tool for your business today. 93% of consumers search the internet before buying any product or service. That makes your website getting to the front of the line in their searches very important. SEO is a process that gets your website ranked higher than other websites when someone does a keyword search, a.k.a a Google search. Maximizing your website’s SEO gains more visibility for your business online, which will increase your website traffic.

When a person searches for something online, sites at the top of the results get the most visibility and are considered the most relevant to the search’s intent. Having your website in the top listed sites builds your credibility in the eyes of potential customers. How many times do you go to the second page of a search when you look for something online? Although there may be 10 or 100 other pages generated from a search, those on that first page get most of the business.

It is paramount to understand SEO and use it to get ahead in today’s business world. Social media advertising doesn’t come close to the power of SEO. There are aspects of SEO to think about when trying to improve your website’s visibility.

Aspects of SEO Helping Businesses to Consider

SEO has several aspects to it that helps the algorithm choose your pecking order. Here are the main candidates:

  1. Quality of Content. Content provides a backbone to your SEO. Google’s algorithm looks through your website’s pages to analyze if its content is useful, informative, original, and doesn’t ensnare people with link schemes, infuriating redirects, or copied and pasted from multiple sites. You need balance in this area because Google and other search engines live and die by the quality of results they provide. They will protect that livelihood.
  2. Keywords. If your website has SEO keywords in the body that match the words in a person’s search, then it signals to the search engine to rank your site in the results based on your keyword ranking.
  3. Link building. Having links in the body of your website should come from respectable sites. Search engines will judge your website’s authority and credibility based on the sources you reference and how many times other websites reference you. The more your website is referenced by others it adds to your domain’s authority. You want a high domain authority score.
  4. Speed of delivery. No one wants to wait for a website to load. 20 seconds is too long when most websites load by 5 seconds. Websites with high load times get low engagement scores, so they move down in result rankings.
  5. Tactical thinking. Pairing diverse content that relates to what people search for goes into your rankings as well. Consider it a healthy link scheme.
  6. Images and multimedia. Search engines give higher grades for images and multimedia that improves a person’s website experience. It’s good to have these things because they are the shiny objects to attract the fish, but be careful they don’t slow down your website’s load times.
  7. Social engagement. Having a presence on social media that you funnel content through will boost your website’s rankings.

How to Boost SEO?

Getting your SEO up is a process. Luckily, there are professionals that do this day in and day out. These professionals can do audits to grade your SEO rankings and provide results in full reports to allow access to your SEO status in real-time. Your business deserves professionals that can give consistent and quality work every day to keep your search rankings high, provide campaigns with a strong ROI, provide keywords that boost rankings, improve your domain’s authority, and get you quality online traffic for great lead generation. Digital Dive Marketing is such a place with quality experts and great SEO packages. Get your money’s worth and get ahead of your competitors.


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