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LinkedIn Lead generation is key to a business’s livelihood. In today’s market, lead generation has become both numerous and seemingly more difficult. The fierce competition for new leads makes owners and entrepreneurs speculate more about what strategies they should use and where they should implement them. Used to, one could pass out mailbox flyers and throw some half-baked site up on the internet in hopes of finding leads. However, in 2020, that’s not the case. It is time to think two steps ahead and find new ways to capitalize on lead generation before that outlet is oversaturated and obsolete. 

In order to be effective, a business or entrepreneur must have sound strategies that incorporate impactful tactics. The strategy will be a behavior or process that is long-lived requiring consistency, metrics, and adaptability to achieve set goals. An example could be posting content three days a week on some platform to generate interest and demonstrate the quality of your business’s services. The goal is new clients, your post to new client ratio would be your metrics, and the number of posts can be adjusted over time based on the data. Using the same scenario, a tactic to enhance your strategy would be buying some kind of upgrades to increase your content’s visibility, or if you hire professional writers to create the content.

The new frontier for lead generation has become social media. Linkedin is the place to implement your strategies with 80% of leads sourced on their platform and a plethora of tools to enhance whatever strategy angle you take. There are companies as well that can manage your strategies for you while boosting your results through proven tactics.

Untapped Potential: Linkedin Lead Generation

There is a false perception that Facebook is the dominant platform for lead generation. While Facebook can generate large quantities of leads, Linkedin blows it out of the water in generating quality leads. We’re talking about a visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, which is three times higher, 277% higher to be exact, than Twitter and Facebook. Linkedin boasts over 575 million users, with more than 260 million active users on a monthly basis, and 40% of those monthly users access the platform daily. Those users are spread over 200 countries worldwide and consist of 30 million companies. That is a nice global window for businesses of all sizes to access. 

Linkedin creates these higher percentages by B2B lead generation. Linkedin B2B, or business to business, works perfectly due to a large volume of business people and entrepreneurs utilizing the platform. In B2B alone, Linkedin is at 59% leads generated where Twitter and Facebook hover around 25%. You can target specific groups of people that would be interested in your services or products with Linkedin as well. A simple search and you just found clusters of potential leads.

Linkedin offers other capabilities like:

  • Linkedin groups, InMail, and connection building that is organic in nature and doesn’t come off as a telemarketer or door-to-door salesman stereotype.
  • Posting of high-quality articles and content that contain infographics
  • Creating and hosting webinars on their platform
  • Referrals and reviews by people or businesses in your network
  • Linkedin automation settings, which tap into the benefits of marketing automation recorded to have a 451% increase in qualified leads for businesses.

If these offerings don’t seem all that enticing, then check out this success story from CA Technologies. CA Technologies was having issues generating solid leads while staying in their budget constraints. Their lead generation was adequate in number, but their calculated conversion rate for leads, in regards to the cost per lead (CPL), was expensive and futile. They needed help and turned to Linkedin. Using dynamic ads on Linkedin’s platform the company saw an increase in conversion rate by 11% and decreased its CPL by almost 70%.

Capitalizing With Digital Dive Marketing

There is a lot of tools, possibilities, and access Linkedin provides to all its users for LinkedIn Lead Generation. It could seem overwhelming where to begin. However, marketing firms have seen the benefits of Linkedin and now offer their services to businesses and entrepreneurs wishing to cash in. Digital Dive Marketing is such a firm. 

Digital Dive Marketing offers a B2B Lead Generation package through their Linkedin Management program. This program has seen over 2,500 monthly connections, a 100% message delivery, and an average engagement rate of 30%. That’s at least 750 engaging leads a month. Your Linkedin marketing experience can be streamlined and automatic as Digital Dive’s professionals create specialized target lists, tailor-made connection messages, and effective follow-up to increase your customer base. The pairing of Linkedin and Digital Dive Marketing is a recipe for success.

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