Google Business Crash Course

Everybody is talking about Google Business Listings. It can help your business, regardless of the type of business it is. With Google receiving over 70% of all monthly searches, can you afford to ignore Google Business Listings? It will help increase your business without spending a fortune.

Search Engine Marketing Techniques

When you add your business to Google, it is important that you know what you are doing.
To maximize your results, you must be familiar with the basics of SEO.
Sign up using the correct keywords and/or categories for your business. Otherwise, you will not be able to appear in the search results.
Photos must be added to your listing
A video about your business is always a bonus.
So that customers can know when you’re open, set up your Hours of Operation
Customer reviews are the most important factor in customers seeing your listing. It can also have an impact on search results due to what we notice in searches.
Add a link to your website from the Google Local Listing if you have one. Customers can view both.

Google Business Guidelines: Pay attention:

Spam with multiple Google Listings using the same phone number is not a good idea.
No matter how many businesses you own, only one address per business is allowed.
To be successful, you will need a unique phone number and unique business address for each listing.

There are many factors and techniques that can make your Google Local Map Listing rise to the top of search results. It all comes down to making adjustments from time to time and seeing what works best. Google is becoming more sophisticated in how they rank listings. We will never know the best way to get First Page Google Listings.

We tried many methods to get 1st Page Rankings for Google Local Searches. Some of them worked, but others did not. So we made small adjustments to find out which factors had the most weight with Google. This will ensure that next time we set up a Google Local Business Listing for a client, we make sure they appear on the first page of Google quickly.

To be on the first page on Google is like working out regularly to get the body you want. Google is always changing, and SEO is no exception. One day Google might rank your website number 5 and the next week it could be number 11-15. Google will not allow you to do this. You can avoid it by updating your website regularly with new information to show Google that you are still around.

We can help you with all of this. Get in touch with us today!

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