Keyword Research and Selection

At their core, keywords are one of — if not the most — single important component of a successful campaign. Keywords refer to the words typed into a search box – be it on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. However, there is much more to keywords than just that.

The keywords typed into a search box reveal certain details about customers and how they go about searching for things. Knowing this, it’s important to target keywords that mimic your customer’s minds and search tendencies.

Setting Keyword Bids

Setting a keyword bid helps Google determine how much a business is willing to bid for a customer to click on that ad. This bid is then weighed against other businesses bidding on that same keyword. The ad that meets the most criteria and has the highest bid will win out and be shown to the customer. 

Ad Copy Creation

Ad copy is a very specific type of content. It is designed to get the reader to respond or take action. It doesn’t matter how many of AdWords’ bells and whistles you’re currently using – if your ad copy sucks, you’re not going to see the return you hoped for. To complete your ad, include a call to action that gives your searchers an incentive to click.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are additional pieces of information added to an ad for value. They can include links to pages, call to actions, and contact information such as phone numbers or emails. Determining relevant information for ad extensions can make or break the ads success and conversion rates.

Campaign Settings and Targeting

All the work put into keywords, bidding, and ad copy is essentially useless unless the campaign is targeted properly. This has become a science, but those who know that science can produce exceptional results on their ads. 

Building Negative Keywords List

Use negative keywords when you want to ensure that your ad doesn’t show for a particular word. By preventing your ad from showing on irrelevant searches, you save money on wasted clicks and create more opportunities for it to display on searches that are relevant and could lead to conversions.

Our Process

Adwords Steps
for Success

Campaign strategy
Campaign strategy

We work with each client to develop a successful and efficient strategy.

Defining objectives and KPIs
Defining objectives and KPIs

It's here we can set our goals and key performance indicators.

Project Launch
Project Launch

We keep you updated with monthly reports during the entire process.

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