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How it works

What does “sales funnel” mean, and how does it work?

  1. A sales funnel is a lead generation plus pre-sell mechanism for your prospects.
  2. Prospects are able to receive a thorough introduction to your company and services before they ever get to “speak” to you.
  3. We begin by creating advertising that will speak to your audience. We create multiple “ad-sets” and then test the market to see which one resonates with your audience’s needs the most.
  4. Once we identify the strongest advertisement, we then will direct your advertising dollars towards the one with the highest performance, thus getting the most bang for your buck so to speak.
  5. The prospect is then taken to your “landing page” where they only have the option to sign up for a valuable piece of content such as a webinar.
  6. After they have provided their information in exchange for the valuable piece of content, that is when they are introduced to your company similar to an introductory call.
  7. After they watch the webinar, they are prompted to take an assessment, this way you can qualify or disqualify a prospect before you ever even pick up the phone to speak to them.


Where will the advertisement be placed?

  1. Our Marketing Managers will assist you in picking the right social media platform, however, we usually begin with Facebook because of the wide search parameters and the targeting tools at our disposal.
  2. We can then expand and grow the campaign to also advertise on Instagram, YouTube, and elsewhere on the world wide web.
  3. Every campaign is a little different so make sure your Marketing Manager knows as much background information as possible about your experience and how you typically serve your clients so that we can get the best results.

Who does the work

Who will be creating the landing page and webinar?

  1. After our Marketing Manager completes a thorough assessment of your current marketing efforts and business standing, we will let you know if you qualify for this service.
  2. This is an advanced service that is not right for beginners, instead it is for established and existing businesses that have a track record of success for clients in one particular niche.
  3. If you are ready for this, you will be working closely together with your Marketing Manager to assist us in copywriting and script completion for your webinar.
  4. Thus, we will not write it for you, but we will write it with you and hold your hand through the process!
  5. As for the technical aspect, yes, we will take care of everything technical on our end after the sales copy and webinar videos are completed. 

How long the process takes

How long does the process take to launch the campaign?

  1. The campaign setup typically takes 1-2 weeks but can take longer depending on the cooperation of the client.
  2. Once we launch, you will start to receive weekly updates about your campaign as well as daily alerts about hot new lead opportunities.

Ready to get started?

Package Pricing

Ad Copy & Creative, Set-up, Management & Reporting

Paid Monthly

$ 1000 / month
  • *Ad Spend is separate

Paid Quarterly

$750 month (25% off)

$ 2250 / quarter
  • *Ad Spend is separate