Our Team

We are a group of professionals who care about your growing business.

Irina Jarova

President/Founder of DDM

Irina Jarova is the founder of Digital Dive Marketing LLC and is a digital marketing specialist with extensive experience advising clients on marketing, sales, and business development. Irina helps clients with all stages of the marketing process including conducting market research, creating an online strategy and structuring targeted campaigns. Graduate in Political Science from the University of Central Florida, Irina has previously worked for the major international law firm Ropes & Gray LLP. She now applies her knowledge of both law and business development to help professionals scale their businesses quickly and effectively.

Alex Korchevski

Art Director/Lead Designer

Alex Korchevski is a powerful and creative visual design chief with over 7 years of experience in design. Alex helps create brilliant visual communications for brands. Alex is recognized and highly regarded in her industry with multiple awards in her sphere of creation which includes Graphic & Digital Design and Art Direction. Alex has received 7 design awards, notably the ADC*UA award (Europe art-directors club) and highest of "Ukrainian Design The Very Best Of". Alex has worked with multiple brands in varied industries, and she's also the local organizer of Behance Portfolio Reviews.

Daniel Dunn

Lead Copywriter/Business Development

Daniel Dunn is the lead copywriter for Digital Dive Marketing LLC who strives for conversion with his ad copy. Daniel helps clients unlock their unique selling proposition (USP), and specializes in conversion-driven campaigns and outside-the-box thinking. Daniel's background in sales drives both his competitive nature and his competency as a copy expert. Daniel graduated with honors from Rutgers University's renowned Department of Philosophy, he utilizes critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills to create highly thoughtful, and engaging copy.